Crestron Programming

Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer

One of our core business is providing Crestron Programming services for the Scandinavian market. As a CAIP, not only have we earned our high level through extensive training and “in the field” experience, we also have a direct contact to some of the highest levels of support at the Crestron Offices

Gold Level

Due to our continued dedication to improving ourself through training and real-world experience, we have been awarded the CAIP Gold level from Crestron.

DigitalMedia Certified

With the introduction of DigitalMedia, the Award wining HDMI-distribution system from Crestron, new knowledge and experience are required. Crestron requires DigitalMedia systems to be installed by certificed installers and programmers. As such Nordic Control Systems are fully certified as both Designer(DMC-E) and Engineer(DMC-E).