We offer a broad range of services for our residential and commercial clients. Although we primarily focus on custom programming (Crestron, AMX and Lutron HomeWorks), we also offer touch panel designs and system design analysis.

Design Systems

We can help you design your systems. Our unique knowledge about custom integration, can help you seek out problem-areas and find solutions. We have a broad knowledge about audio/video components that might help you in designing better and more reliable system.

Program Systems

Our core business comes from programming. We offer our services of programming from years of experience. If you don’t have your own programmers, we can complete the system for you.
We have many clients with their own in-house programmers, for which we handle overflow, rushed jobs and large-scale systems. We even offer to train your own programmers in the knowledge which has taken us years to master.

Service Systems

We can help you service your systems, freeing up your precious time for new or current projects.
Have you lost the original source code or taking over a project? We can help in the future support of the system.

No dealer lock-in!

Our philosophy is to help our clients, not to take them as hostages. “The others” might charge you for their services and later charge you again for the source code. We are NOT like the others. We will gladly, at no extra cost, give you the source code that we have produced.